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Day 13, Wednesday 3rd May 2006 - Daily Update


Grounds today - None

West Bromwich to Congleton

With the four of us sharing a family room at the Premier Travel Inn, West Bromwich it was another “Blazing Saddles” style dawn chorus that awoke us.

Without Sir Bhab’s guidance we had to remember to apply sun cream all by ourselves.

Also, without Bhab, other arrangements had to be made to transport our kit and spares to our last hotel in Congleton. Mark Green kindly collected the luggage and met up with Michelle & Charlie (Jamie’s good lady-wife and off-spring) and Jenny & Isobel (Brad’s partner and ginger off-spring) to relay the bags to the “Lion and Swan”, Congleton. It was fortunate that Nanny Val (Jamie’s Mum) was also on hand as a Ford Focus is just no substitute for a Landy!

The weather was beautiful with a slight tail wind and the scenery became more beautiful the further out of West Brom we went.

With only 50-odd miles to do today the bit was really between our teeth. An average speed of 18mph didn’t really allow us to see much at all – apart from the ample buttocks of the rider in front.

We stopped half a dozen miles short of our destination for a spot of lunch and a quiet moment before the inevitable mayhem that would greet us in the form of Charlie and Izzy.

Regardless of the super luncheon we received from the “Bleeding Wolf” public house, it was just wasn’t the same as being served by a slightly overweight, hairy, shorts and boots clad land rover enthusiast. Sir Bhab, we can honestly say that we missed you!

The last couple of miles we attacked at the same vigour as the previous 46, keeping up an outstanding average speed of 18mph.

As we turned the corner to face the Lion and Swan the families emerged for an emotional reunion.

Only a relaxing 30 miles to go tomorrow into familiar territory. After all, it was only two weeks ago that we left the City Of Manchester Stadium.


Time in saddle - 2 hours 57 minutes

Miles - 53.2 miles

Average Speed - 18.0!!! mph

Time of Departure - 9:45am

Time of arrival - 3:35pm

Max Speed - 40.1 mph (Brad)

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