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Day 12, Tuesday 2nd May 2006 - Daily Update


Grounds today - Birmingham City, Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion

Banbury to West Bromwich

A mixture of emotions confronted us today. We left Banbury in the bright sunshine looking forward to visiting the last three grounds in our adventure. The further north we traveled (or more specifically, the closer we got to Birmingham) the weather became more overcast.

A largely uneventful trip today saw us on the outskirts of Solihull when we met up with Sir Bhab for our last supper. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Sir Bhab will not be joining us for the last two days. With a heavy heart we consumed a broccoli and stilton soup followed by lamb, cheese and mint burgers served with freshly cooked chips. The desert of choice was egg custard tart and tea.

We helped Sir Bhab pack up his cooking gear choking back the tears (OK, maybe a little too dramatic!)

Close by was the first of the midland clubs, Birmingham. We collected a signed football and were pictured on the centre spot. The club photographers also wanted a piece of the action which will hopefully appear on the Birmingham City website. (watch this space for more info and links)

As we left the ground the heavens opened for the short trip to Villa. We managed to get slightly wetter than expected due to another “big-city” map reading error. We collected a shirt and cap at Villa Park and managed to steal a moment or two pitch side. The most impressive of the Midland grounds.

A few more miles and our 20th ground was reached. But not before negotiating some of the more “choice” areas of Brum. As we left Villa the security guard there told us that the best way to the Hawthorns was to follow the burning cars. He wasn’t that far off the mark!

Another pitch side photo opportunity was available to us at West Brom and a moment out side the Jeff Astle Gates (Frank Skinner would be so proud of us!).
In the continuing rain and only a couple of miles past the burning cars we arrived at the Premier Travel Inn to find Sir Bhab taking his Landy apart, apparently it was an unscheduled maintenance check! Whatever that means.

We are currently sharing a last beer with Sir Bhab before he leaves us. I am expecting emotional man hugs and lots of mutual back slapping just after we have completed this update.

Whilst on the subject of updates, due to Sir Bhab leaving us we will no longer have the use of a lap top to update the site.

I know that this may seem like “mash potato without the gravy” and a little disappointing for those who have been following us daily but we will update the site as soon as humanly possible after completion.

Also, please keep checking for further updates for the total amount raised for Christies.

P.S. Just for your information and as an answer to one of the questions on the message board. Yes, Jamie IS taking a leak in the background of the picture where Tim is washing up.


Time in saddle - 3 hours 23 minutes

Miles - 53.4 miles

Average Speed - 15.7 mph

Time of Departure - 9:25am

Time of arrival - 4:10pm

Max Speed - 39.2 mph (Brad)

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