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Day 5, Tuesday 25th April 2006 - Daily Update


Grounds today - Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough to Castleford

After last nights update was written we were joined by one of our friends, Liz McCarthy who is a native to the North East and was clearly versed in the route to Middlesbrough from our hotel. Imagine the delight on our faces when she volunteered to navigate the first 7 miles to the Riverside stadium.

9 o’clock came and went and no sign of Liz, never EVER trust an ex student who has recently signed on!

Nevertheless, our evening in the Wellington Inn was fruitful one, we managed to come last but one in the pub quiz and raised a few quid from the locals!

We navigated ourselves to the Riverside, another impressive erection in the North East. Once again the North Eastern hospitality was wonderful. A quick tour of the changing rooms, the walk down the tunnel and pitch side photos! Fantastic!

The weather was looking particularly grim and over cast. Luckily we headed westwards for a while before the long stretch South. The wind was strong but in the main across us and slightly behind.

Sir Bahb met us abeam the A1M and Dishforth Airfield, so he could collect some registration numbers while waiting for us. Lunch was a rustic affair consisting of Mushroom Soup, French bread, chicken and sweet crispy salad washed down with sweet tea and ginger cake. His mum should be soooo proud.

We are currently completing the update in the Swan Inn in South Milford joined by a work colleague, Nick Levett who has kindly dipped in his pocket...and bought the first round, not bad for a Yorkshireman!

So, ten grounds visited, ten to go!


Time in saddle - 5 hours 46 minutes

Miles - 82.3 miles

Average Speed - 14.3 mph

Time of Departure - 9:10am

Time of arrival - 5:20pm

Max Speed - 34.3 mph (Brad)

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