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Tim O’Reardon

About three years ago, I rode with Dazzlin and another mate Gooner, on a three day bike ride across Northern England on a route called the Coast 2 Coast (C2C) and raised some money for the British Heart Foundation. I vowed never to be so stupid again as my body was not prepared for it. A year later when Dazzlin, Gooner and two other fine gents Cuz and Matt decided to do a ride from John O’Groats to Lands End, I remembered the pain and how crap I was at cycling so declined to join them on the ride but instead provided techy type stuff in the shape of a website to promote what they were doing (

As the lads completed their journey and I got the massive sense of achievement of what they had accomplished and I wished I had done the ride as well. When the idea about ‘round the grounds’ was banded about, I was determined to do the ride for the self satisfaction of challenging myself to do something I know I am crap at. Fitness has never been my strong point and I describe my physique as being build for comfort not speed!

Ouch Look into my eyes, not around my eyes, but into my eyes

There can be no better cause than to support research into cancer prevention and treatment. Knowing someone so close as Jamie to have suffered and then recovered from this disease and also knowing members of my family who also have suffered from cancer but who have unfortunately not survived, if I am going to do something stupid and no doubt hurt myself in some embarrassing way, then someone or some organisation might as well benefit.

And also people will get to see my short fat hairly legs in lyrca, always a bonus (I think)!!!

Vital Statistics

Age - 31

Weight - 76kg (12st 0lb)

Height - 5’ 7” (1.70m)

Status - Married to Sarah for 8 years

Children - 1 eleven year old son, Robson

Occupation - Industrial Computer Controls Engineer

Interests - Football, DIY, Family, Drinking and gadgets

Football Team - The mighty hatters, Luton Town (and Brentford when Luton are having a bad day)

Easy Rocky, didn't mean to offend
Now if I could only get my hand out of here, no one would notice I'd got it stuck
Which way to Luton Dazzlin?
Do I look cool or what...................Oh, or what
Any one got cream for this itch?
Do I look evil?

Robson O’Reardon

Joining us on the ride for the shortest trip between two clubs is Robson O’Reardon son of Tim.

Robson is eleven years old and was determined to have a go at the ride no matter how small the part may be.

Robson spends most of his time watching telly and playing on his Playstation. Robson loves to watch WWE wrestling and trying out some of the moves on his cousins. Randy Orton is his favourite.

Doctor, I've got a problem with droppy eye lids
Rocky, if you are going to pick on my Dad, you've got to go through me first
No you see me

Vital Statistics

Age - 11

Weight - 41kg (6st 7lb)

Height - 4’ 10” (1.47m)

Status - Girlfriend since 4+, Casey

Children - He is only 11, give him time

Occupation - Kid

Interests - Football, Football, Football, Playstation, Football, Computers, Football

Football Team - Chelsea (glory hunter), Favourite player is Frank Lampard

Are you sure this glass is strong enough?
No said I couldn't drive 'roundthegrounds'
Do I look bothered?
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