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Day 14, Thursday 4th May 2006 - Daily Update


Grounds today - Manchester City

Congleton to Manchester

As we had less than 30 miles to complete today we afforded ourselves a night off from the strict “no alcohol and early night regime” that has become such a part of our routine over the past two weeks (???)

Robin, Simon and Jaine (friends, neighbours and colleagues of the riders) joined us and can only be described as bad influences. They endured various tales of the previous two weeks by politely nodding and laughing in all the right places. Even though we had envisaged an early night, resistance was futile. The beers and stories flowed until Brad was in “dribble” mode and it was considered in the interest of safety to get him to “night-nights”

We treated ourselves to a lay-in and eventually left the hotel at around 10 o’clock.

There was much to be organised on the short journey. The Manchester Channel (Sky 203) were interested in our story and wanted to film our arrival. Flowers and an Anniversary Card had to be sourced for Michelle (Jamie’s missus). Luckily, help was at hand in the form of our nemesis Simon & Jaine. Within a stones throw of the City of Manchester Stadium we realised that our speed in the saddle had got us there too early. Once again, Simon & Jaine insisted that we have a “refreshments” at a nearby pub while we waited for friends, family and the Manchester Channel to arrive at the Stadium.

The “Nags Head” on Hyde Road, was the watering hole of choice. The landlord, John, insisted on buying the first round which was warmly welcomed. His hospitality and generosity summed up the trip perfectly. 

We cycled the last ½ mile in high spirits and anticipation of seeing our loved ones…and getting on the telly! On the home straight we were showered with champagne (or maybe Tesco’s Cava!) and greeted with rapturous cheers! We had done it – all 20 Premiership Football grounds and 900 miles in two weeks! A fitting end would have been to hear the low rumble of a Landy Crossing the line behind us…but it wasn’t to be. Sir Bhab and his trusty steed were there in spirit!

After the Manchester Channel had interviewed us, ourselves and our supporters were welcomed pitch side for a few last photos and soak up the Manchester sunshine. Yes! The sun does sometimes shine in Manchester!

Well, that kind of concludes the “Daily Updates” side of things. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as we have enjoyed reading your guest book entries! We will continue to update the site with regards to our fund raising efforts and auction details of the football memorabilia we have amassed.

Tim will also add video clips and more photos, so KEEP CHECKING THE SITE!


Time in saddle - 1 hours 36 minutes

Miles - 26.7 miles

Average Speed - 16.7 mph

Time of Departure - 10:00am

Time of arrival - 12:50pm

Max Speed - ??.? mph (who cares today!!!!)

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