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Day 7, Thursday 27th April 2006 - Daily Update


Grounds today - None

Lincolnshire to Luton

I am currently struggling to write this update in Tim’s house. The day went by in such a blur, partly due to mild hangover but in the main due to the massive speed of the day!

For those of you not versed in the joys of long distance cycle riding, an average of 16mph for four and three-quarter hours is really giving it some welly!

Leaving the White Lion in South Grantham the weather looked decidedly murky, we donned our long sleeves and packed our waterproofs. Within an hour or so the sun appeared and burnt us to buggery! Where is Sir Bhab when you need him with the factor 50 kiddie’s sun cream!

Our journey into Bedfordshire was an uneventful one apart from the ridiculously high speeds we were maintaining and the picturesque villages we passed. The three rather large road kill badgers and one enormous hare didn’t dampen our spirits; in fact we half expected them to be our lunch of the day.

Lunch was served a couple of miles north of Bedford; once again we were treated to a hearty fare. Melton Mowbray Pork Pie starter with Macaroni Cheese and Frankfurter Sausage main course. Washed down with Tea and Mrs Crimbles chocolate Macaroons (wheat and gluten free, don’t you know!?)

The ride through the centre of Bedford was proper BMX Bandit stylie - “Red Lights mean GO!” On the embankment in the centre of Bedford we were joined by Brads Sister, Amanda, who met us to wish us all the best. A family hug and a photo opportunity later we attacked the A6 towards Luton with our traditional post lunch haste.

All was going well until one of the busier roundabouts exiting the centre of Bedford. Tim’s eagerness to surge ahead met with a sticky end. Whilst approaching the roundabout in entirely the wrong gear, stability became somewhat of an issue. With both feet firmly secured in his cleats and his bike creeping over the roundabout give way lines Tim gently toppled over in front of three lanes of stationary traffic. The two lanes of traffic on the roundabout also ground to a halt to witness his writhing as he tried to remove his feet from the pedals whilst lying on the floor. Once we had all finish laughing at this ridiculous sight the A6 didn’t seem so long!

As we exited Bedford, I decided that mountain biking seemed more fun and promptly rode over a brick that Brad failed to warn me of. Couple hundred yards later, a 10 minute stop was need to fix the puncture.

We had a wonderful reception as we entered into Luton by Jamie’s family, Michelle (wife), Charlie (Son) and Val (Mum-in-Law). A large “Well Done Lads” banner was raised aloft which made Brad quite emotional (bless!).

Tomorrow we enter the Big Smoke but not before a quick visit to the spiritual home of football, Kenilworth Road! We will be joined on this leg by Gooner (of fame) who will cycle with us and also in assistance will be Damo (Jamie’s Uncle) to hold Sir Bhab’s hand through the mean city streets.


Time in saddle - 4 hours 46 minutes

Miles - 76.6 miles

Average Speed - 16.0 mph

Time of Departure - 9:15am

Time of arrival - 4:45pm

Max Speed - 42.7 mph (Brad)

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