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Day 3, Sunday 23rd April 2006 (St Georges Day) - Daily Update


Grounds today - None

Gisburn to Darlington

Following completion of last nights web update we ventured out into Gisburn for a bite to eat and a few sneaky beverages of choice.

We popped into the White Bull on the way home which just so happened to be holding a karaoke evening! Against my (Dazzlin) desire to go home for an early night, the lads insisted that we go in and forced me to perform “Mack The Knife”. They also forced me to perform “Baggy Trousers”. Bernard Cribbins was just a whisker away but my resistance was too strong.

Whilst on the subject of the White Bull, we would like to thank the patrons for their generosity. Their donations and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated.

We were woken the following morning by the delightful aroma of full English breakfast, to be served at precisely 0810 hours (at Bob’s insistance). Full English mmmmmmm...what better way to start St. Georges Day!

Jan and Pete’s hospitality was outstanding in wonderful accommodation and in a beautiful setting. We also thank them for their generous contribution of TWO NIGHTS B&B FOR 2 that we can auction (which will take place at a later date - we will keep you informed)

The previous two days of 50 miles each had lulled us into a false sense of security for this mammoth 80 miler which took in the delights of a 1,000 feet climb through the Yorkshire Dales.

Feeling EXTREMELY saddle sore and generally pooped, the sight of Sir Bhab’s Landy was a welcome sight to us all. Today, the menu featured Spaghetti Bolognese (traditional Northern Fair ... according to Sir Bob). Onions cut with his trusty Leatherman (which has no doubt seen slight less hygienic environments before being fully sterilized - NOT!)

With fresh lease of life we headed towards Darlington at a very good pace until Jamie lost another spoke in his rear wheel. Sir, oh we are not worthy, Bhab arrived on the scene quicker than any roadside assistance currently available on the market (even the AA if you are a woman and tell them that you are pregnant!)

The spare bike was called into action and Jamie complete the last 15 miles on the trusty Scott Mountain which has seen action in the adventure.

At present we are concerned for Tim’s energy being sapped by his Spokey Dokey’s and the tassels on his handle bars. Watching him pedal brings back memories of frantic cycles home on as BMX when you were late for dinner. Highly amusing!

Until tomorrow we bid you a good evening!


Time in saddle - 5 hours 39 minutes

Miles - 79.9 miles

Average Speed - 14.1 mph

Time of Departure - 9:45am

Time of arrival - 5:40pm

Max Speed - 39.9 mph (Brad)

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