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Simon Bradbury

Reason for taking part: There are a few reasons for taking part but the first and most important reason is to support Jamie. After seeing what he went through, and the amount of effort, work and support Christies gave to him, I thought they need as much help as possible so they can help others. The second is my family. Statistically one of my family will get cancer in their lifetime so, if riding round the country will help prevent or cure this then I will do it. The third and most selfish reason is for personal gain. I love a challenge and as this is the ultimate test of endurance, it will give me immense self satisfaction when completed and it is something you can look back on in the future with great pride to say you took part in.

If I have to smile any longer, my face is going to crack Point me towards the sea

Vital Statistics

Age - 30

Weight - 63kg (9st 12lb)

Height - 5 8 (1.73m)

Status - Married to Jenny (not strictly true, but Jamie wants me to say so as it looks better!

Children - 1 girl, Isabelle and one on the way due in August

Occupation - Licensed Aircraft Engineer

Interests - Football, Cooking, Isabelle and now cycling

Football Team - Tottenham Hotspur, favourite player, Edgar Davids

David Bailey What you saying about Martin Jol? Hello sailor
Someone seen a shark around here?
Anymore of this lovely food?
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