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Day 2, Saturday 22nd April 2006 - Daily Update


Grounds today - Bolton Wanderers, Wigan Athletic and Blackburn Rovers

St Helens to Gisburn

Another 9 o’clock (ish) start for a leisurely and short ride to Wigan’s JJB stadium, followed by another short run to the impressive Reebok Stadium, the home of Bolton Wanderers.

Before the longer and more arduous journey to Blackburn’s Ewood Park we stopped off for a quick dirty burger, due to Brad being ginger, smelling of wee and being slightly more mentally challenged than the rest of us, he failed to remove his feet from his pedals before stopping. Much to the amusement of those frequenting McDonalds he ended up in an undignified heap!

The trip to Blackburn was more undulating than previously experienced with some poor road surfaces which could be considered a contributing factor for two spectacular wipe outs.

Firstly, The Ginger One, Brad, thought it would be a good idea to adjust his saddle bag rather than looking at the road ahead. He managed to ride off the aforementioned road, cartwheel at least once with bike still attached to his feet much to the amusement of Myself (Daz) and a passing car! In conclusion, inviting Brad on this expedition has been fully justified for entertainment value alone.

Not to be outdone, Jamie also decided that this whole bike ride thing was too easy on tarmaced road and decided give the grass verge a whirl….at considerable speed!

Once again I was in the privilege position to witness this DOUBLE cartwheel. In conclusion, Brad 9/10 for stupidity, 7/10 for crash artistry. Jamie came a close second for stupidity, 8/10, but an overwhelming 10/10 for crash artistry. And MY chain fell off! Full on entertainment!

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Blackburn’s Ewood Park came and went in a blur of cycle maintenance but a tidy ground nonetheless.

Sir Bob greeted us 5 miles outside Clitheroe (now and forever to be pronounced Clit-Hero) with a feast of Pie, mash and beans – proper northern food!

I am currently writing this update in the wonderful FoxHill Barn guest house, with one eye on the FA Cup Semi Final in the Leisure Room with Jamie and Tim. Bob is doing something Landy and alcohol related and Brad is in the Jacuzzi using all the hot water (self, self, self!)


Time in saddle - 3 hours 45 minutes

Miles - 50.6 miles

Average Speed - 13.5 mph

Time of Departure - 9:15am

Time of arrival - 4:49pm

Max Speed - 40.5 mph (Dazzlin)

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