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Lets take you through the why and wherefores of these handsome, talented and downright modest group of cyclists who are embarking on this journey.


Jamie Lingard - Sometimes known (on Crimewatch) as Jamoir. One of the main organisers and first time long distance cyclist. He is the main drive behind the whole project as you will discover when you read his profile.


Darren Howe - Otherwise known as Dazzlin. Another of the organisers who has determined the route. If we get lost we know who to blame! Veteran now of a few long distance bike rides so we will all be looking to him for inspiration.


Simon Bradbury - Also known as Brad for obvious reasons. Brad is a novice at long distance cycling, but his powers of determination know no bounds (well thatís what he says anyway). He will have some input into the fund raising and general merriment.


Tim OíReardon - Also know as, well basically just Tim. We are sure that he has other names that people call him, but heís not allowed to say them in public for fear of scaring small children and animals! Tim is the author of the website you see before you.


Bob Bowerman - Known to a few as Sir Bhab for his heroic efforts on the end2end2004 challenge a couple of years ago. Bob is our support driver on the route and he'll be following in his trusty Landy.

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