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Day 11, Monday 1st May 2006 - Daily Update


Grounds today - None

Winchester to Banbury

After the update was completed last night we treated ourselves to the finest kebab that Winchester had to offer. Whilst dining we came across what can only be described as a family of pikies. The toddler was generally crawling around the floor and fishing around in the bin and the bloke was asking each of us in turn if we were policemen. Well, that is what we think he was asking. It is quite difficult to understand what hell they are saying, “They don’t speak English, they don’t speak Irish, its just...well pikey!”.

After the pikey incident we trotted off to find the watering hole that was recommended to us by the hotel receptionist. On arrival we were greeted by four chav bouncers demanding £5 for entry into a bar! £5! £5! We are in our 30’s, we don’t pay to gain entry into a bar! We went elsewhere, to the Old Gaolhouse in fact.

The very instant the “time” bell rang we were pounced on upon by some Chav barmaid barely old enough to be working in a pub demanding that we leave the premises that instant. All that we asked for was a “please” to punctuate her request and we were promptly told we were barred! From this day forth Winchester shall be renamed Winchavster! We resisted the temptation to finish of the evening with another kebab due to the amount of Chavs with their Burberry scarves frequenting our chosen eatery.

Back to today. We left Winchavster at around 0950 heading north 76 miles to Banbury. With no grounds to visit, the only thing we had to look forward to was seeing Sir Bhab for lunch. 50 miles down the A34 was the chosen route. Boring! No Bentley’s to be repaired, no faith healers to fondle Brad, just mile upon mile of boring rolling “A” road.

We detoured through the centre of Oxford to break up the monotony and to see if Brad could spot Inspector Morse. His hopes were shattered when we pointed out that John Thaw was currently pushing up daisies.

Sir Bhab and his trusty assistant, Colin, was met just north of Kiddlington. The lunch today consisted of Cottage Pie followed by rhubarb and custard. Genius!

It was at our lunch stop that Colin informed us that even Sir Bhab in not completely infallible. He ran out of fuel on the A34 and had to be towed by Colin’s landy to the next services. Tosser!

Post lunch consisted of 15 miles or so into Banbury and here we are. Tomorrow sees us heading into Brum to visit the last 3 grounds on our tour. It’s a shame that two of them are no longer in the Premiership! Oops!


Time in saddle - 4 hours 47 minutes

Miles - 76.3 miles

Average Speed - 15.9 mph

Time of Departure - 9:50am

Time of arrival - 5:20pm

Max Speed - 37.8 mph (Tim......about bloody time!!!!!!)

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