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Jamie Lingard

Yes I am the reason for this ludicrous expedition. I was diagnosed with an ASTROCYTOMA (brain tumour) back in September 2004. It happened to be malignant but thanks to Christies I am still here to tell the tale and to give something back.

The dark grey mass in the top left of my brain is the tumour Zip top head



Vital Statistics

Age - 32

Weight - 87kg (13st 10lb)

Height - 5í 9Ē (1.75m)

Status - Married to Michelle with one 3 year old son, Charlie

Occupation - Licensed Aircraft Engineer

Interests - Charlie, Football, Luton Town FC and Life!

Ooh Ahh

I am a larger than life character who enjoys a good laugh and I am a man of many faces as you can see. Life is too short to worry about what you look like and what you do.

Donít think about it just do it.

Many people have said many different things about me but I donít care because deep down I am just a clown.

Hula chick Clowning about again You want some?
Ride 'em cow nun Baby
Christies never had nurses looking like this................we hope!
You want some?
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