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Day 1, Friday 21st April 2006 - Daily Update


Grounds today - Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton

Manchester to St Helens

Right, we have started. Arrived at City Of Manchester stadium around 8:30am to get ready for the set off. Greeted by Mike Summerbee of Manchester City fame and who now works in their PR department. Also there to see us off was Jane Dixon from Christies as well as Sarah and Robson (Timís family), Jenny and Isobelle (Simonís family) as well as Michelle and Charlie (Jamieís family). Bob and Dazzlin were Billy no mates with no one to see them off as unfortunately Sally had to work :-(

Off the Manchester United, only about 4 miles to have a photo opportunity in front of Sir Matt Busbyís statue. As fortune would have it, we bumped into Ricky Tomilinson who just happen to be there, right place right time and he was lucky enough to have his picture taken with us!!!

Also there were The Manchester Channel TV crew who were there to interview a police officer, so Jamie being the shy retiring type, asked if they wanted the exclusive interview with us and they agreed!!! Short interview with Kevin Duffy and we were told they might show the interview on Monday on SKY channel 203, so keep watching. Can we ask if someone does see it, can it be recorded so we can add it to the website soon.

Left Man Utd in the drizzle and headed west to Liverpool. Good progress made on the flat A580 and saw the impressive floral tributes to the Hillsborough tragedy which happen 17 years ago. Short hop to Everton with Robson now in toe across Stanley Park so he didnít have to negotiate the main road traffic.

More photos and collected a signed squad photograph which we will auction off soon.

Bob had then arrange a veritable banquet on the route toward St Helens for our lunch. A few interruptions by local scouse scrotes, so hands on wallets at that moment.

2 pubs visited on the A580 back to the hotel and the end of good start to this challenge. A few family members to greet us for dinner before a good night sleep.


Time in saddle - 3 hours 30 minutes

Miles - 52.5 miles

Average Speed - 15.2 mph

Time of Departure - 9:05am

Time of arrival - 4:00pm

Max Speed - 33.2 mph (Jamior)

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