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Day 9, Saturday 29th April 2006


Grounds today - Chelsea and Fulham

The Route - Hopefully slightly less hustle and bustle greets us on a Saturday morning in London. Leaving our stopover point in the City of London (22 on map) we head due west and stay north of the River Thames, towards our first stop today, the current premiership champions Chelsea and Stamford Bridge (23 on map)

Short trip of only about 2 miles to the last of the London clubs, Fulham and their ground Craven Cottage (24 on map). Back south of the River Thames again through the wilds of south west London, past the M25 to our stop over in Guildford in Surry for a well earned rest (25 on map).

This is one of our shortest days, but navigating through central London is going to make the day difficult even if it is low on miles.

Ninth day complete and only five days to go!

Accommodation - Holiday Inn, Guildford

Distance - Approximately 37 miles

Distance to Date - 560 miles

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