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Day 6, Wednesday 26th April 2006


Grounds today - None

The Route - Today eclipses yesterday as the longest day by another 15 miles. Leaving our night stop behind (15 on map), we head through the middle of Doncaster, we might even try to get a glimpse of Belle Vue, Doncaster Rovers home ground just for good measure. Even though it is not a premiership ground, it would be good to try and see other league grounds if they are very close to our intended route.

We carry on heading south basically following the route of the A1 but having to stick to local roads when it becomes motorway. We carry on heading into the Nottinghamshire and then Lincolnshire to end the day (16 on map).

Six days down and we are close to the halfway mark, eight days more to go!

Accommodation - White Lion, Colsterworth, near Grantham

Distance - Approximately 85 miles

Distance to Date - 385 miles

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