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Day 1, Friday 21st April 2006


Grounds today - Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton

The Route - Starting at the City of Manchester stadium, home to Manchester City, (1 on map) for the epic journey and trying to avoid the urge to crawl back into bed regretting even volunteering to have a go at this madness, we will be on our way. The route through the centre of Manchester will take us to Old Trafford, Manchester Unitedís ground (2 on Map).

We leave the hustle and bustle of Manchesterís central areas behind to make our way towards Merseyside. Next stop is Anfield (3 on Map) to see Liverpoolís ground and then on to the shortest distance between two clubs on our whole trip across Stanley Park to the home of Everton, Goodison Park (4 on map). For this shortest trip between two clubs, less than a mile, we are joined by Robson OíReardon (11 years old), son of Tim, so he can feel part of the team and also raise some money from his own family and friends.

Leaving Liverpool behind us we head back east again and rest up for the night just north of St. Helens (5 on map) with hopefully still four members of the team intact.

One day down, thirteen more to go!

Accommodation - Premier Travel Inn, St. Helens North

Distance - Approximately 50 miles (leisurely start)

Distance to Date - 50 miles

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