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Day 12, Tuesday 2nd May 2006


Grounds today - Birmingham City, Aston Villa and West Bromich Albion

The Route - We leave Banbury (28 on map) still in a northerly direction towards the midlands clubs. First stop is the St Andrews ground of Birmingham city (29 on map) and then a short hop of a few miles to Aston Villa’s Villa Park ground (30 on map). Carrying on through the midlands to our 20th and very last club on the whole trip as we reach The Hawthorns, home to West Bromich Albion (31 on map).

Stop over (32 on map) just a mile from West Brom and a few beers and pats on the backs all round for finishing the main part of the challenge. Just the trip back to Manchester to go.

Twelve days completed, less than 100 miles and two days to go.

Accommodation - Premier Travel Inn, West Bromwich

Distance - Approximately 51 miles

Distance to Date - 755 miles

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