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Darren Howe

My reason for taking part is primarily to support Jamie, not that he needs it! He has been an absolute inspiration throughout the whole of his ordeal, from diagnosis, life threatening surgery, chemo and now on the road to recovery. This has all have been faced with full on determination and strength which are beyond my limited vocabulary. 

I am truly proud of him and honoured to be asked to take part in this ride along side him. Secondly, after riding John O‘Groats to Lands End for Cancer Research and in memory of my Dad 2 years ago, I have hardly been near a bicycle since and it is reflecting on the waist line!  I am hoping that my experience of long distance cycling can help the team to enjoy a super challenge for a hugely worthwhile cause.

Poofy drink anyone? I refer you to round 4

Vital Statistics

Name - Darren (Dazzlin) Robert Howe

Age - 29 (Hanging on to my 20's...just)

Nationality - English

Place of Birth - Luton

Weight - That's a bit personal - a stealth like 15 1/2 stone (98kg!!) (built for comfort...not speed)

Height - 5'10" (1.78m)

Status - Happily Newly Married (Nov’ 05)

Children - 1 on the way in June

Occupation - Licensed Aircraft Gofer

Hobbies - Football (watching these days), Drinking, Eating, Drinking & Drinking (in any order or preferably together).

Favourite Footall Team - The mighty Hatters - Luton Town

Favourite Player - The Mighty Micky Harford

GIve us a hand mate Careful, that's cold
Not my turn to pay for the bill again is it? I'm the winner
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