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Daily Updates

(To make sure you have the latest Daily Updates page, press CTRL+F5 to force the refreshed page. We will always endeavour to update on the day, but if not check back regular to see what’s happened)

Follow what we get up to on these pages. You’ll see some amusing pictures of where we visited, what we got up to and anything that will make you chuckle. Let’s see if we can get the odd video on here as well.

When we return, a fully gallery of pictures taken will be shown, but if you manage to see pictures in local newspapers, club programs, photos taken by others, then please email the link or picture to

Click the date to see more detailed information on what happened that day.






Friday 21st April

Right, we have started. Arrived at City Of Manchester stadium around 8:30am to get ready for the set off. Greeted by Mike Summerbee of Manchester City fame and who now works in their PR department..........

52.5 miles

Copy of CIMG2288

Man City_Visited Man Utd_Visited Liverpool_Visited Everton_Visited

Saturday 22nd April

Another 9 o clock start for a leisurely and short ride to Wigans JJB stadium, followed by another short run to the impressive Reebok Stadium, the home of Bolton Wanderers.........

50.6 miles (103.1 so far)

Copy of CIMG2315

Bolton_Visited Wigan_Visited Blackburn_Visited

Sunday 23rd April

Following completion of last nights web update we ventured out into Gisburn for a bite to eat and a few sneaky beverages of choice........

79.9 miles (183 so far)

Copy of IMG_4155


Monday 24th April

The journey from Darlington to Newcastle was a joy to behold! Leaving the White Horse Hotel behind us, super flat roads and a tail wind gave us an average speed over 17 miles per hour........

73.3 miles (256.3 so far)

Copy of IMG_4176

Newcastle_Visited Sunderland_Visited

Tuesday 25th April

After last nights update was written we were joined by one of our friends, Liz McCarthy who is a native to the North East and was clearly versed in the route to Middlesbrough from our hotel.............

82.3 miles (338.6 so far)

Copy of IMGP0120


Wednesday 26th April

The longest mileage day! We left the Best Western just outside Milford heading south towards Margaret Thatcher’s birth place, Grantham (see, this site is not all uneducated niff naff!)..............

90.4 miles (429 so far)

Copy of IMGP0136


Thursday 27th April

I am currently struggling to write this update in Tim’s house. The day went by in such a blur, partly due to mild hangover but in the main due to the massive speed of the day!..........

76.6 miles (505.6 so far)

Copy of IMG_4210


Friday 28th April

The excitement within the group was tangible – oh yes! Luton Town’s ground was only a stones throw away! We got there and to be perfectly honest the previous grounds and all those to follow can whistle! The home of the mighty Hatters will be all the better when someone pulls their finger out and sorts out their new home........

68.5 miles (574.1 so far)

Copy of IMG_4229

Tottenham_Visited Arsenal_Visited West Ham_Visited Charlton_Visited

Saturday 29th April

After what felt like an eternity navigating into London the time spent there was relatively short. In the evening we managed to squeeze in a Thai meal and a few beers before collapsing into a deep slumber...........

41 miles (615.1 so far)

Copy of IMG_4261

Chelsea_Visited Fulham_Visited

Sunday 30th April

The last 24 hrs of our journey have been a little bizarre, to say the least. You couldn’t even write this stuff! If a stranger told to this in a pub, you would think he was the village loony!..........

75 miles (690 so far)

Copy of IMG_4281


Monday 1st May

After the update was completed last night we treated ourselves to the finest kebab that Winchester had to offer. Whilst dining we came across what can only be described as a family of pikies..............

76.3 miles (766.4 so far)

Copy of IMG_4288


Tuesday 2nd May

A mixture of emotions confronted us today. We left Banbury in the bright sunshine looking forward to visiting the last three grounds in our adventure.........

53.4 miles (819.8 so far)

Copy of IMGP0279

Birmingham_Visited Aston Villa_Visited West Brom_Visited

Wednesday 3rd May

With the four of us sharing a family room at the Premier Travel Inn, West Bromwich it was another “Blazing Saddles” style dawn chorus that awoke us...........

53.2 miles (873 so far)

Copy of 03052006301


Thursday 4th May

As we had less than 30 miles to complete today we afforded ourselves a night off from the strict “no alcohol and early night regime” that has become such a part of our routine over the past two weeks (???)...............

26.7 miles (899.7 total)

Copy of CIMG2356

Man City_Visited

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