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Bob Bowerman

How I’ve managed to get involved with this bunch of degenerates is beyond me. However someone has to keep them alive on the route so I am again offering my services as support driver. After end2end2004 my talents as bike fixer, pub locator and bacon sandwich maker are again very much in demand.

My trusty landy and I will be on hand should anyone collapse from lack of fitness or lack of bike! With absolutely no interest in, or knowledge of, football I won’t be able to hide the fact that I’m not going “roundthegrounds” for any other reason apart from the fact that I am supporting the physical exertion and goodwill of my mates.

Just call me if you get a problem Do you need snow chains for your bikes as well?

Vital Statistics

Name - Bobby B

Age - 29 (at the time of writing…3 days to go)

Nationality - British

Place of Birth - Taplow

Weight - 13 ˝ stone of pure muscle + ˝ ton landy

Height - 5’ 10” (1.78m)

Status - Engaged (so single for another few months you lucky ladies…)

Children - None that I know of!

Occupation - Licensed Aircraft Engineer

Interests - Landrovers; Fixing things; reading landrover magazines; outdoor adventure

Football Team - What?

Favourite Player - Pardon?

Slow slow quick quick slow...............I will learn this new dance
I'll see you at the next pub lads
Another one for the album
Beer anyone?
Wake me up before you go go
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